• The initial meeting, unlimited emails, and telephone communication through to finalising your naming ceremony.
  • All the information you need to make informed decisions to plan your ceremony.
  • Access to a portfolio of suggestions for readings, poems, songs, and other naming ceremony ideas.
  • A naming ceremony created to reflect your child and the aspirations you have for them going forward in life. (Up to 3 drafts are included)
  • Your naming ceremony can include a special ritual. (I have a selection of rituals to choose from or we can create one that is personalised to you).
  • Presentation of the naming ceremony on the day and time agreed.
  • Use of PA system (if required
  • Naming Certificate
  • Four Keepsake Certificates for Godparent(s)/ guardians, or other significant persons
  • A keepsake transcript of your naming ceremony.
  • Transport costs within 100kms return journey from Glenorie to the place of the naming ceremony.


Additional Fees & Extras

Any additional services provided outside the above schedules will be as agreed between the naming ceremony organisers and myself.

  • Additional keepsake certificates at a nominal charge of $5 each.
  • Travel to any area over 100kms round trip: Add $1 per kilometer.
  • If additional travel requires an overnight stay, accommodation costs are to be covered by the person arranging the naming ceremony. (I will do my utmost to find suitable cost-effective accommodation).
  • For ceremonies involving unconventional time, place, or risk.
  • For ceremonies to be conducted on a Public Holiday.
  • For special requirements as agreed.
  • If the ceremony is delayed beyond the contracted start time, if I am required to leave and return to contact the ceremony, or if the ceremony needs to be conducted on a different day.

Cost: $500

How To Book

Contact me now:

After I confirm my availability for your naming ceremony I will email the ceremony agreement. Then when your 50% booking fee has been received your naming ceremony will be locked in.

Then we get started on creating your special naming ceremony.